What We Do

Our Mission

To discover, collect and preserve the natural, industrial, civil, military, political, social, educational or religious history of Fairbury, Illinois, and to maintain a museum and library to cultivate the historic sensibility and share knowledge on those subjects through meetings and publications.

What We Do

Our organization oversees the operation of the Fairbury Echoes Museum located at 126 West Locust Street in Fairbury, Illinois. This museum is used to preserve and educate citizens about local history.

We have gathered an impressive collection of artifacts and histories that help us tell the story of the early days of Fairbury. Some of these artifacts are on permanent display in three rooms of the museum. A fourth room in the museum is used for theme displays that rotate periodically during each year.

A fifth room in the museum is the reading library. Books, magazines, and selected newspapers are available to museum guests.

The Fairbury Echoes Museum conducts periodic public meetings with guest speakers talking about some aspect of Fairbury history.

The museum also stores bound paper copies of the Fairbury Blade newspaper dating back to the early 1880s.

The museum maintains a Facebook page and periodically posts Fairbury historical information.