Livingston County Historical Books

All four of these books about Livingston County's history have been digitized and are word searchable PDF files. These books can be downloaded using the buttons to the left to aid in your research. 

  • The History of Livingston County, Illinois by Le Baron (1878)
  • Portrait and Biographical Album of Livingston County by Chapman Brothers (1888)
  • The Biographical Record of Livingston and Woodford Counties, Illinois (1900)
  • Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Livingston County, Vol. 2 by Strawn, Johnson, and Franzen (1909)

Once you click on the button on the left, then click on the 3 dots in the upper RH corner to open an option to download the PDF file. When you open the PDF file, use Edit - Find option to get a word searchable text box.  Enter your search word, then click Next. This will search the entire PDF file for the search word you entered.

If you download all four files, you can search roughly 6,000 pages in just 5 minutes or less.

If you would rather have each history book on a CD that you can search, you can buy a CD for $5.00 each at the Fairbury Echoes Museum. You can buy all three CD's for a total of $15.00.