Pantagraph Negatives


Around 2022, the Pantagraph started sending their old photographic negatives to the McLean County Museum of History. That museum is slowly having all of the negatives digitized and then posted to a web site where anyone can view or download them.

For an explanation of this massive project,  you can use this link to read about this project.

The quality of these photographs is very good in over 90% of the photos (some are damaged or cracked). The web site sorts them by town, so the Fairbury related old photos are in one directory. As of January 2024, there are 986 Fairbury old photos. More photos continue to be added over time.

To view and/or download these old photos of Fairbury, use this link.

If you want to search for any other town, just change Fairbury to the town name you are interested in, in the Internet address of the Fairbury link above. Links to some other area towns are below.

Cropsey Link.

Pontiac Link.

Forrest Link.

Chatsworth Link.

Chenoa Link.





Mrs. Ray Thornhill for Blade article on Fairbury motorcycle club