July 2023
New Awning for Fairbury Echoes Museum 

The old metal awning on the front of the museum had literally started to fall down. Volunteer Dale C. Maley spent 8 weeks to tear down the old awning, built a new awning, and add a new sign for the museum. This new awning is similar in design to the awning on the Odd Fellows building next door to the east. It is a substantial structure and should last for many decades.

big headers installed on museum awning june 22, 2023 worked 3 hours to do it--800
museum awning finished - front view - aug 8, 2023--800
new museum sign on aug 12, 2023 - looking west--800

January 2020
Livingston County Ghost Towns

The Livingston County Historical Society identified all 58 Ghost Towns in Livingston County. These include the ghost towns in the Fairbury area. You can use this link to see information about all the ghost towns in Livingston County.


December 2020
New Web Site Created

The previous host for the old web site decided to leave that business.  A new web site was created and it is hosted by GoDaddy.com, one of the largest companies that host web sites.

This new web site uses WordPress as the primary software powering the web site. It also uses BeaverBuilder supplemental software.