The only known song about Fairbury that was professionally recorded and released on a record album was by Bobby Hankins in 1975. Copies of both sides of the record album are shown below.

bobby hankins album cover 1
bobby hankins album cover 2

The Fairbury song is the last one on side #2. The back of the album cover notes the Fairbury song was written by John Amelung, good friend of Bobby Hankins.

illustrating who wrote the fairbury song

Song Lyrics

Fairbury, Illinois


Album: Two Sides of Bobby Hankins


Album Date: 1975


Songwriter of Fairbury, Illinois:  John E. Amelung


Lyrics Transcription by:  Dale C. Maley



There's a quiet little town called Fairbury, Illinois.

Good country folks around, they will  never put you down.

I stole some watermelon, even climbed the water tower,

When I lived there as a boy, in Fairbury, Illinois.


I remember Preacher Carl, Fairbury, Illinois,

Preached about that bright tomorrow,

Made folks forget their sorrows,

What a blessing from up above,

To hear him sing of God's love

I remembered as a boy, in Fairbury, Illinois.


And when the crops were dry, and it was so hard to get by,

Their faith in God just seemed to pull them through,

When he reached out his hand, and blessed their great land,

You should have seen the joy in Fairbury, Illinois


I just bought a ticket on this old train to Fairbury, Illinois,

That clickety-clack tells me I will soon be back,

I rambled this word over, and there ain't nothing I ain't done,

Seems like a 100 years since I was a boy in Fairbury, Illinois


I am about 500 miles from Fairbury, Illinois,

Can't wait to see her smile, it's going to make my life worthwhile,

She said she never forget, and I hope she's waiting yet

For this country boy from Fairbury, Illinois


We're going to settle down, in that quiet little town,

With our faith in God I know we will make it to,

I'm a countin" on Preacher Carl to marry us tomorrow,

Going to be nothing but joy in Fairbury, Illinois.


We're going to raise our boy in Fairbury, Illinois,

We might even raise us a girl, maybe a couple of boys,

Maybe a whole football team of boys, in Fairbury, Illinois.

Fairbury Connection

The father of John Amelung was Pastor Carl Amelung, who was the pastor of both the Chenoa and Fairbury Lutheran Churches from 1940 to 1949. John Amelung was born in Fairbury while his father was stationed here for his assignment. In 1949, the family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. John Amelung later met Bobby Hankins and wrote the song for Bobby to record.

You can click on this link to listen to this song.